Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

We have had this sketch before and it is stated that the final duet is "word for word as in previous copy", others songs, however, are new and the dialogue is different: it is therefore rightly sent in again. An author advertises for a typist. He is expecting an actress to see him about a Play and when she comes he supposes she is the typist. He dictates a ridiculous rigmarole which she makes more absurd in the typing. Then she reveals herself and they agree to marry. Some of the typing blunders err on the vulgar side, but there is nothing really suggestive of any harm. The songs are harmless. Recommended for License G. S. StreetĀ Ps With regard to the report and complaint from Birmingham. The lines complained of about the bath do not occur in the script before me. On the other hand the lines about "Lord Winter's Haunted Bed" and "short shirt" etc do occur. I have not marked them myself because in my opinion to see any harm in them - beyond a rather silly joke - is prudishness run mad: it is simply a muddle of dictation and I cannot imagine what sort of mind would think of "29 characters" really in bed or have an indecent image in the other case G.S.S

Licensed On: 16 Mar 1917

License Number: 861




British Library Reference: LCP1917/6

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66161 AA


N/A Alhambra, GlasgowUnknown Licensed Performance