Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This is a much-condensed and ingeniously simplified edition of the more elaborate piece now running at the Shaftesbury Theatre. It still tells the story of the scotch lad who is to inherit his uncle's large fortune, provided that he can prove himself the worthiest of the millionaire's relations. As before other possible heirs plot to get Angus up to London, to separate him from his devoted sweetheart, and to make him fall a victim to the temptations of fast life in a night-club. From these he is saved, partly by his canny thriftiness and partly by his sudden determination to enlist. After a peep at his soldier life in France we see the young hero returning triumphantly to "Blighty" and to his faithful sweetheart's arms. The "Revue" is thus turned into an ingenious Musical Comedy with its unpretentious little romance prettily illustrated by appropriate musical number. Recommended for License Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 13 Mar 1917

License Number: 853



British Library Reference: LCP1917/6

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66161 S


Date Theatre Type
19 Mar 1917 Empire Theatre, Cardiff Unknown Licensed Performance
19 Mar 1917 Empire Theatre, Cardiff Professional
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Harry Day's Co. with Alick Lauder (brother of Harry), Harry Merrylees, Jimmy Leslie, Kitty Curtis, Daisy Bindley, Gerald Williams, A Semis (Russian dancer), Mons. Wania, Royal Kilty Lassies (pipe band).
2 Apr 1917 Empire, Swansea Professional
9 Apr 1917 Empire Theatre, Sheffield Professional
16 Apr 1917 Grand Theatre, Hanley Professional
23 Apr 1917 Empire Theatre, Nottingham Professional
30 Apr 1917 Empire Theatre, Leeds Professional
7 May 1917 His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen Professional
14 May 1917 Empire Theatre, Glasgow Professional
28 May 1917 Empire Theatre, Edinburgh Professional
4 Jun 1917 Empire, Newcastle Professional
11 Jun 1917 Empire Theatre, Stratford Professional
18 Jun 1917 Empire Theatre, New Cross, London Professional
25 Jun 1917 Empire Theatre, Finsbury Park Professional
2 Jul 1917 King's Theatre, Southsea Professional
9 Jul 1917 Empire, Liverpool Professional
23 Jul 1917 Empire Theatre, Sunderland Professional
30 Jul 1917 Grand Theatre, Birmingham Professional
6 Aug 1917 Palace Theatre, Manchester Professional
12 Aug 1917 Empire Theatre, Sunderland Professional
3 Sep 1917 Hippodrome, Woolwich Professional
10 Sep 1917 Empire Theatre, Kilburn, London Professional
17 Sep 1917 Hippodrome, Brighton Professional
24 Sep 1917 Hippodrome, Ilford Professional
1 Oct 1917 Empire Theatre, Croydon Professional
8 Oct 1917 Olympia Theatre, Shoreditch Professional
15 Oct 1917 Hippodrome, Lewisham Professional
22 Oct 1917 Palace Theatre, Camberwell Professional
29 Oct 1917 Pleasure Gardens Theatre, Folkestone Professional
13 May 1918 Empire Theatre, Newport Professional
27 May 1918 Empire, Swansea Professional
3 Jun 1918 Grand Theatre, Birmingham Professional
10 Jun 1918 Empire Theatre, Sheffield Professional
17 Jun 1918 Hippodrome, Birkenhead Professional
24 Jun 1918 Palace Theatre, Hull Professional
1 Jul 1918 Empire Theatre, Leeds Professional
8 Jul 1918 Palace Theatre, Manchester Professional
15 Jul 1918 Grand Theatre, Hanley Professional
22 Jul 1918 Empire, Newcastle Professional
29 Jul 1918 Empire Theatre, Glasgow Professional
5 Aug 1918 Empire Palace, Edinburgh Professional
19 Aug 1918 Empire, Liverpool Professional
26 Aug 1918 Empire Theatre, Nottingham Professional
2 Sep 1918 Empire Theatre, Finsbury Park Professional
9 Sep 1918 Empire Theatre, New Cross, London Professional
16 Sep 1918 Empire Theatre, Stratford Professional
23 Sep 1918 Hippodrome, Portsmouth Professional
30 Sep 1918 Hippodrome, Brighton Professional
7 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, Woolwich Professional
14 Oct 1918 Empire Theatre, Kilburn, London Professional
21 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, Lewisham Professional
28 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, Ilford Professional
4 Nov 1918 Grand Palace, Clapham Junction, London Professional
25 Nov 1918 Hippodrome, Ilford Professional
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