Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This is the revue of a similar title re-written for the introduction of new 'boys' in Abe and Issy, of 'Potash and Perlmutter' fame. The notion is that these young Yiddish lads leave Binghampton where they have been leading a rural life with their uncle, and flirting with Emma the cook, to enjoy the dissipations of London. This they do in a fashionable hotel lounge where they get introduced to a dashing damsel who turns out to be Emma, disguised as a lady, to the drawing-room of a famous actress who also turns out to be Emma, to the zoo with Emma once more, and finally to the drawing room of Emma, the newly-wed Duchess. Such added humour as the musical farce may boast will be found in the incongruities of our old friends Abe and Isador in their new surroundings, their characteristic kind of shrewdness and simplicity, their odd love-making and jealousies, and their perpetual bickerings in their fraternal affection. It is all harmless fun: but the French dialogue to be added pp3 and 4 Act II, as marked, should be forwarded for consideration. Recommended for Licence Ernest A. Bendall Omitted speeches forwarded and approved EAB 7.3.17

Licensed On: 5 Mar 1917

License Number: 833


British Library Reference: LCP1917/5

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66160 S


Date Theatre Type
8 Mar 1917 London Opera House, London Unknown Licensed Performance