Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

[...] There might have been a question of licensing this play some years ago. It consists of a tolerably frank discussion of the question of population in view of the Empire's need of citizens and of the numerical preponderance of women over men, in this country, a preponderance increased by the war [...] The talk is not profound and is extremely inconclusive but the play is obviously meant very seriously [...] Although its matter may offend old-fashioned views and although personally I do not think the theatre or music-hall a good place for such discussions [...] it should be Recommended for Licence. G. S. Street

License Number: 730

British Library Reference: LCP1917/1

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66156 O


22 Jan 1917 Victoria Palace, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance
22 Jan 1917 Victoria Palace, LondonProfessional
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'Play in One Act by W.B. Forster-Bovill and Rev. A.J. Waldron'...'The announcement that the Rev. A.J. Waldron was to appear in person in his new sketch drew a huge crowd to the Victoria Palace on Monday night. Mr Forster-Bovil and "the vicar's" latest effort is less of a play than a dramatic conversation upon a very delicate and important moral question. The question being, in a nutshell, that seeing the over-preponderance of women over men in numbers accentuated beyond thought by the war, should a woman satisfy her maternal instinct and bear a child for the race without necessarily marrying the child's father?" "The Era", 24 January 1917.
29 Jan 1917 Hippodrome, BoscombeProfessional
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Advertised as the '"Epoch-Making Engagement of the Rev. A. J. Waldron (For 10 years Vicar of Brixton), in the Great Problem Sketch "Nature's Call"' "Bournemouth Graphic", 26 January 1917.
19 Feb 1917 Empress, BrixtonProfessional