Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A foolish naive play. In act I the financier Baron Von Stoll, is accepted by Evelyn the daughter of an ancient but impoverished home, having gained her mother's sympathy by paying the butcher. Six years pass, and in act II, after the audience has gathered that the Baron is a spy by his asking Captain Jack Stanley (employed at the War Office and the cousin and regretfully rejected suitor of Evelyn) for particulars of a fortified coast town, a diamond disappears. Everyone is searched except Jack, who refuses for the idiotic reason that she has a letter of Evelyn's in his pocket, and is consequently suspected of the theft. In act III the Baron tells Evelyn and Jack that he has the diamond and will refrain from ruining Jack if he can have the above-mentioned particulars of the fortification. Then the Chief Commissioner of Police (but not under his right name) arrives and the Baron is arrested, incriminating documents having previously been taken from his desk. He is led off and Evelyn is given the delusive information that she can get a divorce. It seems harmless rubbish to me and is Recommended for license. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 9 Dec 1914

License Number: 3075



British Library Reference: LCP1914/36

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66084 H


14 Dec 1914 Opera House, NorthamptonUnknown Licensed Performance
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Cast included: Amy Ravenscroft (Lady Mertin), Dorothy Edwards (Evelyn Mertin), T L Julian (Benwor), Austin Fairman (Lieut. Jack Stanley), Reginald Rivington (Col George Nolan), F Warwick Ward (Charles Bodin), Lionel West (Maurice Barradet), Ernest A Douglas (Mr Hedgewoods), L Fraser (Inspector Dart), Yolande May (Clotilde), Leonard Shepherd (Baron von Stoll)