Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

The point of this little sketch is that all sorts of men are serving as privates and are good friends. The scene is a trench in the early morning and three privates, one a dustman in civilian life, one a bank clerk and one a burglar, chaff one another and sing songs, with an occasional ‘whiz bang’ going over them. To them enter the orderly who is a ‘Johnny’ with a house in Grosvenor Square and chaffs with the rest. A whiz bang comes among them and he throws the grenade out before it explodes, and rather a true touch then follows in the resumption of the chaff after a moment in which the other three resize that he has saved their lives. I don’t think there is any harm in one of the privates being a burglar - there are several in the army - as it is not taken seriously and only put in for contrast. The chaff and songs are all innocent. Recommended for license. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 18 Aug 1916

License Number: 402



British Library Reference: LCP1916/19

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66140 F


24 Jul 1916 Hippodrome, BoscombeProfessional
14 Aug 1916 Coliseum, GlasgowProfessional
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The evening was described as 'splendid entertainment' with the 'leading place is taken by a topical show entitled "A Day in a Dug-Out", a bright and breezy little production which proved very acceptable.' (Daily Record and Mail, 15 Auust 1916). Other pieces in the same bill were: 'The Good Luck Girl' (a play starring Coleman & Alexandra), Fulgora, Billy French, Musical Navvies, New Macs, Thurber and Thurber, and Six Ceylons.
21 Aug 1916 Empire, LiverpoolUnknown Licensed Performance
21 Aug 1916 Olympia, LiverpoolProfessional
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It was performed by 'Four Vagabonds'. Others in the same bill were: 'Mrs O'Malley's Reception', Harry Bedford, Ed & Jack Smith, Fulgora, Buckley and Dove, May Erne and He.
28 Aug 1916 Victoria Palace, LondonProfessional
11 Sep 1916 Holborn Empire, LondonProfessional
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'This musical wheeze from "Wipers" "A Day in a Dug-out" is a very entertaining and amusing interlude. The four Tommies have very good voices and merry wits. They use the former to excellent advantage in some well-written numbers and catches which are introduced quite naturally into the well-arranged little trench scene.' (The Era, 13 September 1916) Others in the same bill were: Ernie Mayne, May Moore Duprez, Sam Mayo, Coleman & Alexandra, Fulgora, Joan Hay, Signor Arvi, Tom E. Wood, Nellie Wigley, Dick & Jim.
25 Sep 1916 Kilburn Empire, LondonProfessional
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Others in the same bill were: R.G. Knowles, Beth Tate, Julien Henry &Co, Signor Arvi, Geo. Newburn, Five Jovers, Tom E. Hood.
16 Oct 1916 Palladium, LondonProfessional
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Others in the same bill were: Wilkie Bard, Maidie Scott, Jay Laurier, May Moore Duprez, Perceval Allen, Coram, Ella Retford, S.W. Wyndham, Omega Trio, Hamamura Family.
23 Oct 1916 Hippodrome, WoolwichProfessional
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Others on the same bill were: Jack & Evelyn, Diving Norins, Sammy Shields, Morny Cash, Joan Hay, Wells & Mayban, Daly & Healy, Talio.
30 Oct 1916 Empire Theatre, CroydonProfessional
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Performed in the same bill: 'Irish and Proud of It' starring Joe O'Gorman and Norah Gorman, Lily Iris, and Leo Bliss.
13 Nov 1916 Alhambra, GlasgowProfessional
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Performing in the same bill: Bransby Williams in 'Dickens Up-to-Date', Florence Wray in 'Midnight', Daisy Wood, Elsie Southgate the Royal violiniste [sic] and her sister Dorothy, James Stewart, The Cadillos.
20 Nov 1916 Palace, HammersmithProfessional
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Performing in the same bill: G.H. Chirgwin, Daly & Healy, Will H. Fox, Tenka Troupe, Ada Wise, E.D. Nicholls & Co.
20 Nov 1916 Hippodrome, NewcastleProfessional
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Performing in the same bill: George Lashwood, The H.J. Corner, Edith Pink, Spissell Bros & Mack, Claude Lester, MDLLE Cameo, Dalkeith, La Belle Leonora assisted by Valentine, 'Something Simple' (play), Jeanette Denarber, Elsie Southgate
27 Nov 1916 Olympia Theatre, ShoreditchProfessional
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In the same bill: Rameses, Arthur Lennard, Lottie Lennox, The Anartos, Gus Harris, Naughton & Gold, E.D. Nicholls & Co.
25 Dec 1916 Hippodrome, BelfastProfessional
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Performing in the same bill: Billy Gould, Rollo, Wullie Durkin, Wheeler & Wilson, The Coombs Trio, Mikado Family, Will Lacey.