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Examiner of Plays' Summary:

Blossom was a little girl who lived with her grumpy old grandfather. He loved Blossom but had turned her mother out of doors for marrying a poor painter. Blossom was loved by Cedric a shepherd and her grandfather didn't like Cedric. Blossom talked with various flowers and personifications of rain, sun and so forth, while her grandfather could not understand. But she made him in the end, and he forgave her father and mother, and Cedric turned out to the son of his long lost partner and rich. This fairy story is interspersed with a few topical allusions and jokes, but remains essentially a pretty and simple affair. One or two songs must be sent if new. Recommended for license. G. S. Street. May 22, the songs are now stated to be published numbers. G. S. S

Licensed On: 19 May 1916

License Number: 253



British Library Reference: LCP1916/12

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66133 G


25 May 1916 Pavilion, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance