Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A very ingenuous little allegory. In the first episode a girl has two suitors, a rich man who offers her jewels and the rest, and a poor man who offers her "great love". In the second she is supposed to be married to the rich man, is unhappy on account of his preoccupation with his business (in particular with getting the Employer's Liability act modified in his favour) and society, and finally kills herself and her unborn child with poison. In the third she is married to the poor man and is very happy in his love and the prospect of a baby. In the fourth she is left considering again. I suppose it did not occur to the author that "Hearts just as pure and fair may but in Belgrave Square " etc. But the effort is well intended [...]

Licensed On: 17 May 1916

License Number: 251



British Library Reference: LCP1916/12

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66133 E


29 May 1916 Hippodrome, LiverpoolUnknown Licensed Performance