Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This is a revised version of 'The Bloody Beast of Berlin' for which a license was refused by the Lord Chamberlain. The new title, though an improvement upon the old one, still seems needlessly thought not perhaps prohibitively offensive. From the play have now been deleted the passages to which objection was taken as being calculated to inflame the passions of an audience against alien-enemies, as bread-poisoners and so forth. In their place we have attacks upon 'the C-prince' as looter and instigator of the bad treatment of 'poor Belgium' and refugees generally. We have highly coloured illustrations of the German spy system, of attempts at concealment of nationality and of efforts at train-wrecking. The chaotic affair is almost incredibly silly and ignorant as an expose of the militant politics of our enemy who is represented as not less idiotic than brutal. But as here modified its errors are merely those of judgment and taste; so 'The Beast of Berlin' - preferably under another title - may now be Recommended for license. Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 5 Nov 1914

License Number: 3028

British Library Reference: LCP1914/33

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66081 T


9 Nov 1914 Hippodrome, SouthendUnknown Licensed Performance
23 Nov 1914 Opera House, DudleyProfessional
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Performed by John Lawson and company.
21 Dec 1914 Empire Theatre, EdmontonProfessional
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Performed alongside 'The Knighthood of Posner'.
20 May 1915 Alexandra Theatre, WidnesProfessional
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Performed alongside 'The Knighthood of Posner', 'The Monkey's Paw', 'Sally in Our Alley', 'Desperation' and 'Humanity'.
31 May 1915 Hippodrome, BurslemProfessional
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Performed alongside 'Humanity', 'Sally in Our Alley', 'The Convict Ship'.
12 Jul 1915 Palace, NewcastleProfessional
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Performed alongside 'The Monkey's Paw'. Described by the 'Newcastle Journal' as a 'rousing topical play' (6 July 1915).
2 Aug 1915 Palace, BathProfessional
1 May 1916 Revue Theatre, KingstonProfessional
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Performed alongside 'The Touch of a Child'.
15 May 1918 Mechanics Theatre, DumfriesProfessional
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Performed alongside 'The Knighthood of Posner', 'Disraeli' and 'Humanity'.
24 Jun 1918 Empire Theatre, IslingtonProfessional
1 Jul 1918 Empire Theatre, CroydonProfessional