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Examiner of Plays' Summary:

Wullie is a worthy Scotchman, whose patriotism induces him to dye his hair and shave in order to appear younger than he is and pass for the army. His wife's jealous suspicions are aroused by this rejuvenation of her spouse, whom she also catches nursing a baby: and she fears the worst. The unexplained infant, however, turns out to be the offspring of a prodigal son, so the reestablishment of domestic peace is soon effected. Scotch comedy of the usual type. Recommended for Licence. Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 19 Apr 1916

License Number: 202




British Library Reference: LCP1916/9

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66130 P


Date Theatre Type
24 Apr 1916 King's Theatre, Montrose Unknown Licensed Performance
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Whilst the play was licensed for a first performance at the King's Theatre, Montrose, the first evidence of a performance is in Aberdeen in June that year.
12 Jun 1916 Palace Theatre, Aberdeen Professional
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Miss Ellis Drake [Actress] produced the performance and played Mrs Thompson, George Westland was Mr Thompson. A revue is published on the Thursday so the play is presumed to have been premiered on Monday 12 June 1916. The review reads: Ellis Drake and Company, In "Wullie", a funny Scottish sketch, provide a principal turn here. Miss Drake does well as Mrs Thompson and George Westland is good as Mr Thompson. The Brooks are clever trick cyclists, and Sydney Brandon is well received.' ('The Stage' 15 June 1916).
19 Jun 1916 Empire Theatre, Finsbury Park Professional
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The play is performed this week and is last on the bill which lists: Grook & Partner, Terry & Lambert, Manny & Roberts, Caryle Hyde, 5 Olracs, Miss Ellis Drake & Co in "Wullie" (see 'The Stage' 18 June 1916)
26 Jun 1916 Empire, Newcastle Professional
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This is notable as the play is not listed bottom of the bill as it had been previously. Others in the same bill included: Mark Sheridan-One of the B'hoys in new songs, Les Trombettes, Sophie Forrest, Maggie Benson, Thorpe & Co, Bioscope, Arthur Lennard, The Keystone Cyclists (see 'Newcastle Daily Journal', 26 June 1916)
4 Aug 1916 Argyle Theatre, Liverpool Professional
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Others on the same bill included: The Harlequinaders, Alec Kendal -Comedian, Famous French Clown Crock, W V Robinson -The Canadian Entertainer.
12 Jan 1917 Empress Theatre, Glasgow Professional
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There is no indication from reviews when the play was first shown at this theatre, but it was already playing by Friday 12 January 1917. Others in the same bill were: Jean Campbell, Conway & Leland, "Christmas Memories"
20 Feb 1917 Hippodrome, Aston Professional
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The piece was top of the bill and others on the same bill included: Marcelle & Partner, Tom Burton, The Rubes, The Martinettes, Sophie Forrest, Two Vestas, Special War Films On The Hipposcope; Harry Cribben in 'Come Aboard, Sir'.
26 Feb 1917 Middlesex Theatre, London Professional
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Listing stating 'Ellis Drake and Company are also appearing at the Middlesex this week in the amusing Scottish sketch "Wullie" ('The Stage', 1 March 1917)
26 Mar 1917 Alhambra, Stirling Professional
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Performed between 26 and 31 March inclusive. It was top of the bill and others on the same bill included: Florrie Ramsey - Comedienne & Dancer, Benton & Cameron -Refined Vocal Duo, Pathe Gazette, King & Carr - Comedians & Dancers.
1 Apr 1917 Empire Theatre, Motherwell, Lanarkshire Professional
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Performed between 1 April and 7 April inclusive. Others on the same bill included: Jean Campbell -Contralto Vocalist, Meg Fraser - Speciality Dancer, Jack Blair -Scotch [sic] Comedian, Manuel & Francois - Acrobatic Funnyosities.
31 May 1917 Victoria Hall, Kilsyth Professional
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Performed on 31 May and 1 June. Others on the same bill included: Fox Productions Film "Blazing Love" featuring Virginia Pearson. "Full Graham Moffat's "Concealed Bed" caste.
2 Jul 1917 Electric Theatre, Falkirk Professional
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Performed from 2 to 7 July inclusive. Others on the same bill included: Knight & Everett - in their inimitable absurdity "Two of Irish", Gwennie Morgan - The eccentric dancer with the saxophone, Special Dramatic Pictures - Mon/Tues/Wed - A Short Snappy Topical Drama "Everybody's Business", "The Fantastic" Episode 13 The Spy and the Submarine, Thurs/Fri/Sat " The Purple Domino" Episode 7 A Race For Freedom, "The Victim" Three-part Drama (see 'Falkirk Herald' 1 July 1917)
13 Aug 1917 Hippodrome, Newcastle Professional
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Performed for the week. Others on the bill included: Dalva duo, Bert Weston, Geo. Carvey and Company, Jack Lane, Hymack, Mizuno Family.
20 Aug 1917 Hippodrome, Sheffield Professional
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The play was shown here between 20 and 25 August inclusive. Others on the same bill included: Jack Birchley - Humourous Twister, Oswald Bemand and his Wonder Pigeons, Clara Evelyn, Ivy St Helier, Jack Lane - Yorkshire rustic in Jest and Song, Mr Hymack- whimsical Human Chameleon.
4 Jan 1918 Olympia Theatre, Glasgow Amateur
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Others in the same bill included: The Four Royal Scota - in a novel vocal, instrumental, and dancing act, 'and star variety programme' ('Daily Record and Mail', 4 January 1918)
21 Jan 1918 Express Playhouse, Glasgow Professional
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The play was shown here between 21 and 26 January 1918. It was performed by Ellis Drake & Co.