Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A tame comedy. It begins briskly but grows rather wordy and uneventful. In Act I a man named Temple runs a refined matrimonial Agency. Old Clifford, a pickle merchant, is negotiating for a wife. The lady calls and wants to see him without his knowing who she is. Temple advises her to go to his house, which is a show place, having belonged to a famous poet, as an ordinary paying visitor. She does go in act II, and they fall in love. In act III, he dines with her and duly proposes. This slight idea is the main theme. There are added to it complications made by the lady's disapproving daughter and by Clifford's son, also disapproving at first. Temple proposes to his Secretary, and it is indicated that young Clifford and his Stepmother's daughter may also one day marry. There are certain humours of character in the piece and it is entirely innocent. Recommended for License. G. S. Street.

Licensed On: 16 Mar 2016

License Number: 129



British Library Reference: LCP1916/6

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66127 D


N/A Gaiety, ManchesterUnknown Licensed Performance