Great War Theatre

Address: Shoreditch, London N1 6BY, UK

Performances at this Theatre

5 Jun 1916 The Wages Of Hell (After The War)Unknown
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Performed between 5 and 11 June. Other acts on the bill included: Daisy James, Daisy Dormer, Geo. Carney and Co. in “The Fool of the Force', Wilson Hallett, Ben Albert, Edie Gray, Bioscope
17 Sep 1917 The Silent ServiceProfessional
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Performed by Margot Delan (Fraizette de Meryon), Frederick Stevens (Rowland Ordeil), Charles Leslie (Vedal/Frampton), H Bryant (Karl Schonheim): ''The Silent Service' which emanates from John G Brandon's fertile pen, is by no means faultless, and it cannot be said that the story comes entirely within the limits of probability. Much of the dialogue is at present rendered with too 'foreign' an accent, and is delivered at such speed that it is not always easy to follow.' (The Stage, 20 September 1917). On the same bill were: Lorna and Toots Pounds (impersonators), George Mozart, Liane D'Eve (chic entertainment), Edie Veno (singer), Harry Freeman (comedian), Zella Vondi and company (dainty musical act), Minnie Muir (comedienne)