Great War Theatre

Address: Wigan, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
N/A Little Red Riding Hood Unknown
1 Feb 1915 War and a Woman [Women and War] Professional
19 Apr 1915 The Man Who Stayed At Home Professional
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The Stage, 15 April 1915, listed The Man Who Stayed at Home (Taylor Platt) as On Tour from 19 April at the Court, Wigan. ‘“The Man Who Stayed at Home” will be found an ingenious play, at once exciting and humorous. Some might describe it as a play with a purpose, its intention being to open our eyes to the deep seated purpose, and co-ordination and ramification, of the German spy system. The events of the last eight months have taught us that the German spy peril has been a very real thing; and therefore this story of how an almost unimaginable tragedy was averted in a boarding-house on the East Coast may not only be looked upon as a mere dramatic venture, but as something based on probability strengthened by suspicion and even knowledge. Therefore, it is quite a play of the moment, and one can readily understand the vogue it has obtained in all the places visited. With the military section of the community it enjoys remarkable favour for the technical points involved apart from the dramatic evolution of the story, and the light and interesting manner of its treatment. The audience were thoroughly held and swayed on Monday. It was not a large gathering, but the impression created was such that no doubt need to exist as to the ultimate success of the engagement …’ (Wigan Observer and District Advertiser, 20 April 1915).
6 Mar 1916 It's A Long Way To Tipperary Professional
19 Mar 1917 The Bing Boys Are Here Professional
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‘“The Bing Boys Are Here.” Attraction at the Royal Court Theatre. Musical plays and comedies and revues are all interesting in turn, and assist in the passing of many pleasant evenings. But one confesses to a feeling that so many are built upon the same plan that the pleasure is somewhat marred by the sure knowledge of what is going to happen in a certain set of circumstances. The leading characters are often taken from a similar mould. But we can assure our readers that “The Bing Boys Are Here” provides a most refreshing change, and something quite novel and unlooked for may be seen. A combination between musical comedy and revue has been struck, bright and new ideas have been introduced, and the work of the ladies of the chorus has been raised to a point where it differs very little in importance from that of many of the principals'. Wigan Observer and District Advertiser, 20 March 1917.
30 Sep 1918 Inside the Lines Professional
16 Dec 1918 His Last Leave Professional
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Advertised in the Wigan Observer and District Advertiser, 14 December 1918 as ‘The most Realistic Play of the Times’, without naming the company.
5 May 1919 The Luck Of The Navy Professional