Great War Theatre

Address: Longsight, Manchester M13 0LE, UK

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1 May 1916 Within Our GatesProfessional
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The play was premiered here and performed through to at least 11 May. A review in the 'Manchester Evening News' commented that ‘'Within Our Gates', which is produced for the first time at the King’s Theatre, is a thrilling story of the menace this country by foreign spies. The authoress, Miss Dorothy Lloyd Townrow, has handled the subject in good style. Charles Locke’s company is a very strong one, the leads in particular being in the hands of the right people, of whom Mr. Locke and Miss Cynthia Merton are the most prominent' (2 May 1916). In 'The Era' a critic commented that ''Within Our Gates' is, as its title suggests, a drama dealing with the spy peril during the present period war, and pointing its moral (that German spies should be rooted out) by a lurid example of enemy treachery on the eve of the outbreak in August 1914. Plot and characters are much the same as we have grown well acquainted with during this prolific season of war plays' (3 May 1916). 'The Stage' was not as positive and commented that 'War episodes are plentiful on the melodramatic stage, and are now beginning to lose the early grip they had at the commencement of the war. The authoress of 'Within Our Gates' is apparently not an adept at stage technique, and too-often repetition of sentences is to be heard' (11 May 1916).
27 Aug 1917 William Henery's ChristeningUnknown