Great War Theatre

Address: Luton, UK

Performances at this Theatre

8 Apr 1915 War and a Woman [Women and War]Professional
26 Apr 1915 La FlambeeProfessional
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Performers: Cecile Barclay, Rupert Lister
2 Aug 1915 Joy - Sister of MercyProfessional
20 Dec 1915 PalsUnknown
19 Mar 1916 The Soldier PriestProfessional
5 Jun 1916 The Little Grey Home In The WestProfessional
24 Dec 1917 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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Performed as 'The Middy V.C. Comes Home' Twice nightly. Performed Monday 24 December and during the week (Xmas Day excepted). Matinee on Boxing Day. ('Luton Reporter', 18 December 1917)
3 Mar 1919 Called UpProfessional
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Performed: 3-8 March. Advertised as 'A play for the mothers, for the soldiers, for the sailors, for sweethearts and wives, who have long prayed for those two little words, “Coming Home”' (Luton News and Bedfordshire Chronicle, 27 February 1919).
7 Apr 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
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Performed for six nights and a matinee.
13 Oct 1919 The Freedom of the SeasProfessional
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Performed for the week by Thos. C. Dagnall's company including: J. Lawrence Anderson (actor), Evelyn Ormonde (actress). "This well-known and successful war story...would seem to be one of the few war plays which can survive the withdrawal of their background and excuse. We are still in that uneasy, transitory stage when drama touching on the old sorrows and triumphs is almost invariably painful or very dull. But this play leaves a different impression. The war element in it is neutralised by the many other elements which are entirely familiar and jolly." (Luton News and Bedfordshire Chronicle, 9 October 1919)
9 Aug 1920 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed for the week.
4 Dec 1933 Seven Days LeaveUnknown