Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A A Busy DayUnknown
26 Jul 1915 Types de ParisUnknown
6 Sep 1915 The New WordProfessional
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‘Sir James M. Barrie’s play, “The New Word,” which is to be seen at the Alhambra this week, is specially interesting as typical of the present day. It shows with unerring genius the parental restraint between father and son, the second-lieutenant the eve of his appointment, who has been fussed over by an adoring mother. That gifted actress, Miss Helen Haye, plays the mother to perfection; the role of father is in the capable hands of Mr. O. B. Clarence; while Mr. Geoffrey Willard [sic – Wilmer] as the hesitant son acts cleverly’. Daily Record, Tuesday 7 September 1915.
20 Sep 1915 Ladies FirstProfessional
13 Dec 1915 War MatesProfessional
13 Mar 1916 Du Théâtre au Champ D'HonneurProfessional
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Performed by Sarah Bernhardt. The Daily Record noted that 'The playlet is written by a French officer and is stated to be founded on a real episode of the war' (14 March 1916).
18 Sep 1916 The Great Redding Street BurglaryProfessional
16 Oct 1916 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Performed for the week by Ralph Roberts (writer), Harry Buss (actor): 'An amusing little sketch well staged and cleverly played' (Daily Record, 18 October 1916)
13 Nov 1916 A Day In A Dug-OutProfessional
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Performing in the same bill: Bransby Williams in 'Dickens Up-to-Date', Florence Wray in 'Midnight', Daisy Wood, Elsie Southgate the Royal violiniste [sic] and her sister Dorothy, James Stewart, The Cadillos.
25 Jun 1917 The Girl from Ciro'sProfessional
23 Jul 1917 When the Clock Strikes NineProfessional
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Cast included: Nina Boucicault (Mrs Lane) and Hubert Willis.
13 Aug 1917 The New WordProfessional
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The Daily Record, Friday 10 August 1917, advertised Helen Haye & Co. in the sketch “The New Word’ at the Alhambra the following week. ‘Helen Haye, actress, and Sir J. M. Barrie, author, make a charming combination at the Alhambra. “The New Word,” the sketch which the clever lady is featuring, has that delightful Barrie touch that commands appreciation’. Daily Record, Tuesday 14 August 1917.
10 Sep 1917 Flying ColoursProfessional
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Daily Record, Friday 7 September 1917, advertised for the following week at the Alhambra, Glasgow a bill that included Harry Thurston as Old Bill, The Walrus, in ‘Captain Bairnsfather’s Episode of Real Trench Humour, “The Johnson ‘Ole.” The First Bairnsfather Playlet seen in Glasgow’. ‘Those who have enjoyed Captain Bruce Bairnsfather’s humorous cartoons of trench life should not miss seeing “The Johnson ‘Ole,” which was accorded quite an ovation at the Wellington Street house last night. Harry Thurston is inimitably funny in the role of “Ole Bill, the Walrus,” whose philosophy is much oftener than not a bit muddled’. Daily Record, Tuesday 11 September 1917.
25 Feb 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional
12 Aug 1918 The Passing Show Of 1918Professional
26 Aug 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional
23 Sep 1918 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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Allan Jeayes (actor), Gilbert Heron (actor), Florence Helm (actress)
21 Oct 1918 The Passing Show Of 1918Professional
12 Dec 1918 Jack and the BeanstalkUnknown
25 Aug 1919 Jolly TimesProfessional
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‘A second edition of “Jolly Times” is winning great favour here [the Alhambra, Glasgow], with Jos. Alexandre, Madge Merle, Joseph Victor, and others in the cast. Hymack also is billed in his clever business, and the Four Finales give a good act’. The Stage, 28 August 1919.