Great War Theatre

Address: Stourbridge, UK

Performances at this Theatre

26 Apr 1915 TopholeUnknown
10 May 1915 In Time of WarProfessional
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Mr C. Watson Mill is again visiting here. In Time of War was presented to two good houses on Monday. As usual, Mr. Mill is an outstanding figure as Captaini Russell Squires. He is ably partnered by Miss Lydia Andre as Diana Squires. Mr.Harry Scaddon is a powerful exponent of Baron Guggenheim, whilst Mr.Paul Neville is successful as Colonel Mars. Comedy is well represented by Mr.H.A. Whitmee and Mr.G.Chate as Erb and Percy. Miss Edith Gregory is a charming Princess Zarine, and Miss Edith Vine is a bonny Nurse Alice. Mr.Mill's recruiting speech between the acts is most effective. The Stage - Thursday 13 May 1915
23 Aug 1915 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
28 Feb 1916 When Love Creeps In Your HeartProfessional
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Featuring Leonard Mortimer (Slow), Violet Wilkinson (Gwendoline), Rupert Talbot (Geoffrey Gard), Ernest Stidwell (Noel), Henry G Gilpin (Otto Nuber), Louis Gaye (Peebles), Winifred Rees (Meegan Morgan), Ida Clifford (Blodwyn Jenkins), Whitchurch Welsh Quartette
8 May 1916 The Woman Pays - BackProfessional
10 Sep 1917 Beauchamp And BeechamProfessional
9 Dec 1918 Called UpProfessional
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Performed under the title 'Coming Home' from 9-14 December.