Great War Theatre

Address: London, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
N/A The Rajah's Ruby Unknown
N/A A Fair Treat Unknown
N/A A Cautionary Tale To Be Added To 'Hullo America!' Unknown
N/A Airs And Graces Unknown
N/A The Under-Ware Case (Bric-a-Brac) Unknown
N/A The English Revolution Unknown
N/A What Are We Coming To? [What we are coming to] Unknown
N/A Bric A Brac Unknown
N/A The Man Who Stayed At Home Unknown
N/A Henry-Him of Eight Unknown
21 Dec 1914 The Frenchwoman Professional
4 Jan 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
21 Jan 1915 Sexton Blake On The East Coast Professional
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Performers: Carlotta De Yonson (Actress), Chas Gulliver (Booked on production)
1 Feb 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
8 Feb 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
9 Mar 1915 The Passing Show of 1915 Unknown
21 Jun 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
9 Aug 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
4 Oct 1915 The Passing Show Unknown
24 Mar 1916 An Appeal Unknown
12 May 1916 The Popular Novelist Unknown
22 May 1916 Dressing a Venus Unknown
21 Aug 1916 We’re All In It Unknown
2 Oct 1916 His Mother's Rosary Professional
9 Oct 1916 His Mother's Rosary Professional
28 Oct 1916 Vanity Fair Unknown
16 Feb 1917 A Strange play Unknown
5 Mar 1917 The Frenchwoman Professional
21 Jun 1917 Airs And Graces Professional
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The revue ran at The Palace until 29/9/1917 when a new version was written for touring. See Performers and creatives on the London production included: Alfred Butt (producer), Lionel Monckton and Herman Finck (music), Gertie Millar (dancer and singer), Betty Balfour (singer), Grace Leigh, John Humphries (humourist and playing the part of Old Bill), Frederick Bentley, Donald Calthrop, Jan Oyra (dancer), Rose Campbell, Fred Groves, Palace Theatre Girls. For more information see reviews in the 'Globe', the 'Sheffield Daily Telegraph', and the 'Sportsman' on 22 June 1917.
6 Nov 1917 A Night at an Inn Unknown
14 Jan 1918 The Woman of Louvain Professional
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Performed by: Mary Mayfren Other variety acts on bill
6 May 1918 Very Good Eddie Unknown
30 Dec 1918 The Frenchwoman Professional