Great War Theatre

Address: Worcester, UK

Performances at this Theatre

7 Dec 1914 The PatriotsProfessional
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Performed by Mr FM Webb, Mr J Hayes, Mr D Herbert. The performance was part of a benefit of the Queen's Work for Women Fund. The programme included songs by Miss Mildred Jones and Mr Charles Mott, recitations by Mr Arthur Bourchier,a reading from Charles Dickens by the Earl of Cover (a contributor), a tableaux: 'Adelicia of Louvaine', the 'Godsall Children', 'Fallen Idol', 'Jeptha's Daughter', 'Mercy', 'The Doctor', 'Ruth and Naomi', 'The Angelus', 'The Passing of Elaine', 'The Tragedy of Belgium'.
26 Dec 1914 AladdinUnknown
23 Apr 1915 Shakespeare For Merrie EnglandUnknown
29 Nov 1915 The Glorious DayProfessional
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Performed under the title 'The Glorious Day'
27 Dec 1915 Sinbad the SailorUnknown
19 Nov 1917 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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Performed as 'The Middy V.C. Comes Home'
24 Feb 1919 Back to the Wife and Home [Home from the Trenches]Professional
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Mentioned in advertisements in The Stage, 9, 16, 23 and 30 January and 27 February 1919 as Home From The Trenches.
21 Jul 1919 Called UpProfessional
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Performed 12-26 July 1919. The Stage, Thursday 24 July 1919 had an advertisement, ‘For this wonderful attraction, which is packing every theatre visited. [...] Last week at Walsall, business phenomenal. Money turned away nightly. Not a war play, but a topical peace (sic) that appeals to everyone'
25 May 1922 The Burgomaster Of StilemondProfessional