Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

Surely spectacular play, the main interest being in what the audience sees going on outside the signal box, which is the scene of the Play. A Signalman is knocked out by a shock in a storm and telegraph and telephone also go dead. The officer guarding the line carries off the signalman to the relief post, to send a relief. Enter an escaped German officer. Enter also a canteen worker. The German grasps the situation, that a troop train is due, overcomes the canteen worker, shoots the driver of a goods train and gets into a goods train to run it into the troop train. Back [...] the officer on guard and eventually he and the canteen worker manage to work switch No. 7 which blow up a bridge and with it the goods train and so save the troop train. This catastrophe is seen by the audience and should be a fine effect. Recommended for Licence. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 28 Mar 1918

License Number: 1483



British Library Reference: LCP1918/6

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66188 J


1 Apr 1918 Victoria Palace, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance