Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This is a new edition, for touring purposes, of the revue produced at the Palace and reported on last June. I have read it all through again, and think there is very little change in the dialogue. There are some omissions. As the piece stands now the first scene is rural, with people working on the land, an artists and so forth; a comic recitation a la Sims is new; scene 2 is a dialogue between two window cleaners; scene 3 an Assyrian scene, much abridged from the original; scene 4 is the duologue between an officer and his batman about an actress; scene 5 begins with the song of the policewoman which I though unfair chaff, but it is a matter of taste and was passed; it goes on with an amusing courtship and a contest in lying; scene 6 is new, a brief dialogue about a man getting married; scene 7 is a rather long burlesque of ‘Seven Days Leave’ and scene 8 the cat scene. There are some new songs, quite unobjectionable. It is quite a good show and there is nothing in this edition to censor. Recommended for license. G. S. Street

Researcher's Summary:

See also the original London production

Licensed On: 28 Nov 1917

License Number: 1255



British Library Reference: LCP1917/23

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66178 O


Date Theatre Type
N/A Grand Theatre, Hanley, Staffordshire Unknown Licensed Performance
26 Nov 1917 Empire, Bristol Professional
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Whilst the revised script for the touring performance was licensed to be performance at the Grand Theatre, Hanley the first performance took place in Bristol. Esta Stella replaced Gertie Millar in the cast.
3 Dec 1917 Grand Theatre, Hanley Professional
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Ambrose Thorne played Old Bill.
10 Dec 1917 Hippodrome, Nottingham Professional
17 Dec 1917 Empire, Newcastle Professional
24 Dec 1917 Palace Theatre, Hull Professional
31 Dec 1917 Empire Theatre, Edinburgh Professional
7 Jan 1918 Empire Theatre, Leeds Professional
14 Jan 1918 Empire Theatre, Newport Professional
4 Feb 1918 Hippodrome, Sheffield Professional
11 Feb 1918 Olympia, Liverpool Professional
18 Feb 1918 Hippodrome, Newcastle Professional
25 Feb 1918 Alhambra, Glasgow Professional
4 Mar 1918 King's Theatre, Dundee Professional
11 Mar 1918 Tivoli Theatre, Aberdeen Professional
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The 'Aberdeen Press and Journal' praised the production as "unquestionably the best revue that has ever been presented in Aberdeen" (12 March 1918)
14 Mar 1918 Albyn Place Military Hospital, Aberdeen Professional
18 Mar 1918 Grand Theatre, Birmingham Professional
25 Mar 1918 Empire Theatre, Cardiff Professional
1 Apr 1918 Hippodrome, Devonport Professional
8 Apr 1918 Palace Theatre, Manchester Professional
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The 'Manchester Evening News' commented that the revue contained "some really ingenious skits on present-day affairs" (9 April 1918)
15 Apr 1918 Pleasure Gardens Theatre, Folkestone Professional
29 Apr 1918 Empire Theatre, Finsbury Park Professional
3 May 1918 ?, Lewisham Professional
6 May 1918 Empire Theatre, Stratford Professional
13 May 1918 ?, Brighton Professional
20 May 1918 ?, Portsmouth Professional
27 May 1918 ?, Ilford Professional
17 Jun 1918 Palace Theatre, Camberwell Professional
24 Jun 1918 ?, Woolwich Professional
29 Jul 1918 Middlesex Theatre, London Professional
5 Aug 1918 Empire Theatre, Stratford Professional
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Cast for this performance are listed as including: Dorothy Roseveare, Ennis Parkes, Jimmy Leslie, J C Piddock, and Ambrose Thomas.
12 Aug 1918 Hippodrome, Newcastle Professional
12 Aug 1918 Hippodrome, Newcastle Professional
19 Aug 1918 Empire Theatre, Leeds Professional
26 Aug 1918 Alhambra, Glasgow Professional
2 Sep 1918 King's Theatre, Dundee Professional
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The 'Dundee Courier' commented that "The King's Theatre was crowded out at both performances last night" (3 September 1918)
9 Sep 1918 Hippodrome, Sheffield Professional
16 Sep 1918 Empire Theatre, Sunderland Professional
23 Sep 1918 Empire, Liverpool Professional
30 Sep 1918 Hippodrome, Portsmouth Professional
7 Oct 1918 Empire, Bristol Professional
14 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, Southampton Professional
28 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, Brighton Professional
4 Nov 1918 Grand Theatre, Birmingham Professional
11 Nov 1918 Empire Theatre, Finsbury Park Professional
18 Nov 1918 Empire Theatre, Newport Professional
25 Nov 1918 Empire Theatre, Nottingham Professional
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The performance was described as "Bright in every scene, and endowed with all the best elements of song, dance and comedy" (Nottingham Evening Post, 26 November 1918)