Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

Not so amusing as some of the author’s efforts. It simply displays the obvious humours suggested by people waiting for a bus in these days of crowded business. There is a sham-sensitive woman who thinks she condescends and is annoyed by the crowd, a woman with inquisitive children, a government official dropping papers which are picked up by a comic spy, and so on. When the bus comes the sensitive lady knocks everybody out of the way and gets the one vacant place. Recommended for license. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 19 Jun 1917

License Number: 1016


British Library Reference: LCP1917/13

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66168 M


26 Jun 1917 Haymarket Theatre, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance
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There appears to have been only one performance of this work. It was staged in order to raise funds for an ambulance. The cast for the play included: Norman McKinnel (The Policeman), Ellis Jeffreys (Lady in White), Doris Lytton (A Flapper), Pollie Emery (1st Shopper), Dora Gregory (2nd Shopper), Clare Greet (A Mother), Molly O'Shann (1st Child), Vera Lennox (2nd Child), Kitty Lofting (Woman with pram), Doreen Ley (Infant in pram), Maud Buchanan (1st Girl), Mary Clare (2nd Girl), Fewlass Llewellyn (Elderly Gentleman), Norman Forbes (German Spy), Miss Sydney Fairbrother (Solemn Woman). The play was produced by Norman McKinnel and other plays in the same bill were 'No Servants', 'The Mirror', 'The Van'. and 'Dyck'.